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Quotes About The Future

Future Quotes Dear past thank you for all the lessons. Dear future, i am now ready

Quotes About Fun

Funny QuotesYou can not face the problem, if the problem is your face.

Quotes about faith in god

Faith Quotes
Every time, i count my blessings, my LOVE for GOD
grows bigger...
And every time, i count my struggles, my FAITH in GOD
grows stronger.

Quotes About Dreams Coming True

Dream Quotes
Do all you can to make your dreams come true

Quotes about computer programming

Computer Quotes
Everyone should learn how to code, it teaches you how to think.
- Steve Jobs

Quotes about beautiful life and love

Beautiful Quotes
The night sky is beautiful.
Sometimes i think if the sky is beautiful so "why are not i ?"

Quotes about life love and lessons learned

Life Quotes
Do not underestimate me.
I know more than i say,
think more than i speak,
notice more than you realize.