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Ways to think more positive

Positive Thinking
How To Be Positive.
-Say "I can" instead of  "I can't!".
-Smile more.
-Be optimistic
-Remember you are in charge.
-Be thankful.
-Forget about regret.
-Do nice things for others.

Choose Positivity and Happiness

Positive Thinking

1- You strive to approach things in a positive and optimistic way
2- You avoid criticizing ot condemning team members or users
3- You avoid complaining
4- You let the other person save face, even if they are clearly wrong
4- You are deliberate about giving genuine appreciation

How You Can be Positive

Positive Thinking
There are many ways to drive yourself to think
more positively. For some people, thinking positively
may come naturally. For others though it can be real challenge.
If positive thinking is not so easy for you, the first step to leading
yourself towards a more positive path is to consciously accept
the benefits of positive thinking.