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Being positive in life

Life Quotes
An entire sea of water can not sink a
ship unless it gets inside the ship.
Similarly, the negativity of the world
can not put you down unless you
allow it to get inside you

Positive Quotes - I am a positive person

Positive Thinking
I am a positive person. I am not cynical.if you are born in this world, no matterwho you are, negative things will happen.If you are not positive as a person, you'llbe very unhappy. It's extremely important to be positive, tolaugh, to be happy, to accept life as it comes.

I am a positive person

Positive Thoughts
I am a happy person and i choose to be a positive person.
I think some people think my life has been tragic and there have
been these horrible framas but things reallly have been, and are, fine.

Positive Life

Positive Quotes
Think positive, and positive things will happen
- Joffrey Lagura