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Good gaming computers

Computer Quotes
Conglaturation !!!You have completed a great game.
And Prooved the just ice of our culture.
Now go and rest our heroes !

Building a computer

Computer Quotes
People think that computer science is the art
of geniuses but the actual reality is the opposite.
Just many people doing things that build on each other,
like a wall of mini stones. - Donald Knuth Computer Science Quotes

Build a computer

Computer Quotes
We build our computer ( systems )
way we build our cities: over time,
without a plan, on top of ruins

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Build your own Laptop

Computer Quotes
The Laptop brings back a more
seamless kind of learning.

How to build a computer

Computer Quotes
What i was proud of was that I
used very few parts to build a
computer that could actually speak
words on a screen and type words
on a screen and type words on a
keyboard and run a programming
language that could play games.
And i did all this myself.
- Steve Wozniak

Build your own computer

Computer Quotes
The goal of Computer Science is to build
something that will last at least until
 we've finished building it.

Create your own sunshine

Future Quotes
Some days you just to create
your own sunshine.