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I have a dream quotes

Dream Quotes
I have a dream that my four children will one day
live in a nation where they will not be judged by the
color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
Martin Luther King, Jr

Dream come true

Dream Quotes
It starts with a dream.
Add faith,
and it becomes a belief.
Add action,
and it becomes a part of life.
Add perseverance,
and it becomes a goal in sight.
Add patience and time,
and it ends
With a dream come true

Quotes Dreams

We are the music makers and we
are the dreamers of dreams.

Quote about dreams

Dream Quotes
If you can dream it,
you can do it.

Quotes about dreams coming true

Dream Quotes
A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.
A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.
A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

Dreams come true quotes

Dream Quotes
To make your dreams come true,
climb so high up in the clouds,
you do not hear the world shouting
" Come down "

Quotes about dream

Dream Quotes
If you can visualize it,
if you can dream it,
there's some way to do it. - Walt Disney

Quotes about dreaming

Dream Quotes
Too many of us are not living our dreams
because we are living our fears. - Les Brown

Dreaming Quotes

Dream Quotes
If you can dream if you can do it. - Walt Disney

Follow your dreams quotes

Follow your dreams and the universe
will open doors for you where there were
only walls.

Follow your dreams quotes

Dream Quotes
When you leave home to follow your dreams, your road
will probably be riddled with potholes, not always paved
in happy Technicolor bricks. You'll probably be kicked to
the ground 150 million times and told you are nuts by friends
and strangers alike. As you progress you may feel lonely or
terrified for your physical and emotional safety. You may
overestimate your own capabilities or fail to live up to them,
and you 'll surely fall flat on your face once in a while. - Kelly Cutrone

Dream Quote - Do not give up.

Dream Quotes

Good things come to those who believe,
better things come to those who are patient
and the best things come to those who.
Do not Give up.

Dream Quote

Dream Quotes

Do not dream your life,
live your dreams

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Quotes on dreams

Dream Quotes
Believe in your dreams.
They were given to you for a reason. - Katrina Mayer